Document House Group — JAPAN

For Japanese Market Entry

Japan Market Entry Support

From signing contracts with partner corporations to the promotion of new customers, we support international companies entering the Japanese market. We provide sessions suited for various business scenes. For companies wanting to enter Japanese markets, we can support your negotiations upon signing a contract for speciality sessions that include international lawyers, CPAs, financial planners, and risk consultants. We can also operate as a Japanese branch for companies which do not have a local branch currently in Japan.

Operational / Financial Document Support

We create various operation manuals, contracts, SLA (Service Level Agreement), notifications for shareholder meetings, summaries of accounts, securities reports, CSR reports, and other documents — including translations if needed. When appropriate, we can involve international lawyers, CPAs, financial planners, risk consultants, and other specialties to the session. In addition, we will support you when creating company brochures and websites in Japanese.

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