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Managing Your Business Risks

Risk Management Support

Utilizing our unique business model and patented corporate risk assessment system, ''i-CRAS'', we can fully support your risk management needs.
The i-CRAS System has already been used in hundreds of companies. Our system fulfills each customer's needs — for example, by running risk assessments regularly, carrying out due diligence of the company in advance of acquisition, comparing risks held in the company to the market risks upon listings. We also hold in-house training, seminars, and legal checks by our alliance lawyer.

Risk Assessment Work Flow

Corporate Risk Assessment System "i-CRAS"

i-CRAS is a corporate risk assessment system which is aimed at comprehending various risks which the company holds, and then prioritizing and helping to implement various countermeasures. This system will shorten the assessment period, produce massive cost cuts, and support objectivity of the assessment. The assessments are done in a form of a CSA (Control Self Assessment). Achieving a risk assessment period of one to two months, you will be able to run PDCA cycles annually. You will be able to know the current status of your company with comparison to the average risk values of various companies in different markets and industries — compiled in real time.

Overview of i-CRAS

i-CRAS produces assessment reports, including risk mappings, rankings, and crucial risk result lists. i-CRAS is runs in a Cloud environment which facilitates the potential to run risk assessments easily and quickly, without arbitrary surveys by the interviewers. You will achieve huge cost reductions as the assessment is done in a form of CSA which minimizes the need of outsourcing.

Benefits of using i-CRAS

Risks will be visualized with risk mappings and rankings. The assessment period is only one to two months. You can evaluate and analyze your company's current status. You can start an ERM from basic risk assessments. Risk assessment is done by a person in charge within the company and is not outsourced. Assessments can be done with no restrictions to time and place as it runs on a Cloud-based System. You can compare current results with past results.

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